The Body of Christ received a gift from God when Bishop Terry McZeke was                                                                         born. Therefore it was by divine appointment that he followed the leading of                                                                         the Holy Spirit when he acknowledged his call in the Gospel ministry over                                                                             three decades ago.


                                                                    Bishop McZeke is married to the beautiful madam Brenda Faye Brayant                                                                                 McZeke.  They are the proud parents of three daughters and they have eight                                                                         grandchildren.


                                                                     Although he was raised in a traditional church, he escaped those limitations to                                                                      broaden his spiritual understanding of the Word of God, that he might be                                                                              spiritually equipped to affect the body of Christ.


                                                                     Bishop McZeke's ministry uniquely promotes the necessity of faith and it's                                                                              development on a daily basis in the life of the Believer, which he believes is                                                                            necessary to please God.


                                                                     His God-given ability to preach and teach from a simplistic perspective                                                                                  (opposed to arguing traditional church issues) has strengthened and                                                                                      encouraged faith across the length and breath of the Body of Christ.


                                                                     His unique anointing and intense delivery of the Word of God is responsible                                                                          for many that travel across county lines each week to attend worship, Bible                                                                            study and other spirit-filled services.


Bishop McZeke played the keyboard and sang vocal background with his family Gospel singing group, The Keys to the Kingdom, for their first LP recording in 1980 titled, By the Power of God.


Bishop McZeke is the founder of Monument of Faith Christian Ministries (1990).