Pastor Brenda McZeke's life exemplifies that of one whose steps are ordered by the                                                              Lord With such sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit, her ministry brings                                                                                uniqueness to the body of Christ as she delivers the Word of God with clarity and                                                                simplicity. She accredits all to Jesus Christ, the One she often testifies of, that                                                                          healed her body at the age of twelve when doctors saw no hope.


                                                             She is married to Bishop Terry McZeke. Pastor Brenda and her husband has been                                                                bless with three daughters and eight grandchildren. All of which are actively                                                                        involved with them in ministry.


                                                             Although, she was raised in a traditional denomination, she realized through God's                                                              Divine intervention that He had fore-ordained her for a purpose of His own. That                                                                purpose was to teach the Word of God. She is an example in the earth to those that                                                              are in need of healing and redemption.


Pastor Brenda's ministry has it's own uniqueness. Upon meeting her it becomes obvious that this woman has spent time with the Lord! Her emphasis on quality-time with Him (God) in prayer and meditation brings revelation.


Pastor Brenda's passion for women in the Body of Christ has proven to be genuine, evidenced by the success of her "Women of Faith Conferences", that creates an atmosphere of healing and restoration for women across denominational lines.


She is also the co-founder of Monument of Faith Christian Ministries, Inc. where she also serves as co-pastor and is the overseer of the day-to-day operations of the ministry


Pastor Brenda is also known for being a wonderful mother, encouraging counselor, a devoted friend and loving and supportive spouse.